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Sunday, October 17, 2010 @ 4:03 AM | 0 Comment [s]

i miss you ! its hard loving someone . that dosen't love u back they say before your die you whoke life flashes before your eyes make it worth nothing i wish i was as invisible as you make me feel . never make someone your everything cause when they leave you've got nothing sometimes you cant always see the pain someone feels . im not ready to let you go when i lost you i lost my smile on my face why is everything i want everything i dnt have i could never forget u thats why i cry myself to sleep everynight . you don't know the pain i feel inside you asked what was smile wrong and i smile and said nothing then i turn around and said everything . just let me cry love hurts ! why does every song remind me of you ? i've lot my other half , my better half . nobody will ever make me feel the you did . i need you like a fat kids need cake ! i still think about what could've been . do you ? i guess forever dosen't actually mean forever anymore . i like walking in the rain . nobody can tell that im crying . everyday is a struggle for me without you what made all change ? i have so many memories that i couldn't erase . even if i try too . seeing you with him hurts me more than you think . i just want you to know that . the hardest part of moving on is not to looking back . i still love you . forever n ever ! I pray t0 G0D take y0 heart . I pray t0 G0D to take my heart . bec0use we can live together ! i l0ve u m0re than you l0ve me ! _______________________________________________________________________

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